Grand finale of Kids/Teen/Mr/Miss/Mrs India 2023

Tanusree Guha, Another example of talent. The grand finale of ASA's initiative Kids/Teen/Mr/Miss/Mrs India 2023 brought the talents. The main entrepreneur and show Director who is the famous and well-known face of fashion and model Anuska Ghosh. The event was attended by many prominent people from the world of fashion and modeling. Many talented people participated in this event.  Madan Mitra is seen here in a different mood. This event has been going on for a long time. The participants also show their performance very nicely. Those who were winner in this event was given prizes. Anuska Ghosh, the main entrepreneur and show Director, said that she is giving talented people an opportunity to show their work in front of everyone through this platform.  Saptami Banerjee, Mrinal Chakraborty, Ayetri Dey, Mitali Das, Raj Rashmi Shah acted as judges in the entire event. Those who won were: From Kids category, 
Winner : Dibyansa panda. Top model winner : Dibyanshi panda.1st Ru : Aryan Khan and 2nd RU : Mahi. From Teens category, Winner : Samriddhi Roy. 
1st RU : Niti Joddar and 
2nd RU : Anushree Gupta.
From Miss category, Winner : Pubali Choudhury.
1st RU :  Antarjita and
2nd RU : Sunayna Paul. From Mrs category, Winner : Bisakha.
Top model winner: Ananya Majumdar.
1st RU : Adyashakti Aikat. From Mr category, 
Winner : Kapil Mankani.
1st ru : Sourav Naik and 
2nd RU : Shaan Chourasia.
 The ceremony starts auspiciously with the lighting.

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